Piedmont Division Pilot Outreach Program (PD-POP)

Division BOD Motion

Whereas, the Division supports the concept of a joint effort between the Division and Supported Area Group Activities (SAGAs) hosting watch parties, instructional sessions and other activities spread across our Division territory.

Therefore, the Piedmont Division Board of Directors moves to establish Supported Area Group Activities.

Term; Balance of 2023 and two full years after that. Would be re-evaluated at the end of 2024 & 2025 to validate that objectives are being met and the general response from the members of the groups.


  • Increase online viewership by 20% by the end of the first year of the program
  • Increase Division-wide training programs by 25% by the end of the first year of the program
  • Increase membership by 10% by the end of the first year of the program

2023 Budget; Amendment for funding 2023 – $500 line item added to the budget.

SAGA Steering Committee; Establish a steering committee to coordinate and guide the groups. Should consist of one BOD member as chairperson, and representatives of the SAGAs participating in the program

Guidelines; The BOD will approve operating guidelines and processes in the Piedmont SAGA Guidance document.  This document may be modified by the SAGA Steering Committee, as needed, and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  The document can be viewed in the members section.


The Board of Directors will review the SAGA process annually at the May BOD meeting and the Division Planning meeting in December.

Motion Adopted 8/8/2023

For more info please contact Peter Thomas at sagainfo@piedmont-div.org

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