2017 Board of Directors Elections

The Piedmont Division will hold the 2017 Board of Directors Elections Tuesday, November 7, 2017 during the general meeting at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, 805 Mt Vernon Hwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327.

If you will not be at the November meeting, or suspect that you will not be at the meeting, you may vote by absentee ballot.


Director of Finance
Diane Martin
Director of Operations
Sally Bando
Doug Alexander
Royal Bruce
Joe Gelmini, MMR
Howard Goodwin, MMR
Bob Kelshaw

Candidate Statements

If you will vote at the November meeting, you must:

Be a member in good standing as listed on the November 2017 roster from the NMRA, and have a membership type that allows voting.  Regular, Associate, Sustaining, and Student members may vote.  Family members and Rail Pass members may not.

Upon arrival at the November meeting, members will register with a member of elections committee.  If you meet the above criteria, you will receive a numbered ballot.  Ballots are numbered for control purposes only.

You will not be allowed to vote at the November meeting if you requested an absentee ballot, even if not returned to Chuck Hoesch.  Important information about absentee voting.