Division Meeting With Special Clinician Jim Gore, MMR

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Clinic:  Special clinician Jim Gore, MMR presents "Realistic structures from cardstock."  Jim's clinic will be about constructing realistic structures from cardstock in any scale, a technique he has mastered.  He will describe special techniques for cardstock modeling (layering, edge-patining, etc.), weathering, detailing, adventures of test builder, and promises no visits from the "Cardstock Police". More about Jim

Bring and Brag:  No Bring and Brag this month.

The Board of Directors meets prior to the Division meeting.  The BOD meeting begins at 6:00 p.m

Jim Gore, MMR

Jim Gore, MMR is known for his cardstock structures and clinics on the topic.  He also builds adobe structures from balsa and balsa-foam.  Articles about and pictures of his layout, the Jemez & Rio Grande, have appeared in O Gauge Railroading, Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, Model Railroader, O Scale Trains, Sn3 Modeler, Narrow Gauge Down Under, NMRA Magazine, All Scale Rails, Model Railroad Hobbyist and O Scale Resource.

Jim is a retired professor of biology and Dean Emeritus from the University of Tampa.  He serves as the NMRA At-Large North American Director, Achievement Program chairman for the Sunshine Region, and most recently, manager of the Modeling With The Masters® program.  Having grown up in New Mexico, he models an imaginary branchline of the Santa Fe division of the narrow gauge D&RGW (also known as the Chili Line) in On30.  It assumes that the line was not abandoned in 1942 but served the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos into the 1950’s.