Layout Open House - A Trio of Garden Railroads

Sun, 03/29/2020 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

The Piedmont Division presents a trio of garden railroads: 

James and Sally Bando's Grand Western Mining Company.  Read more
Russ Bundy's Cedar Creek.  Read more.
Chris Haon's LP & CL Railroad.  Read more.

If you are interested in visiting any of these railroads, contact the Piedmont Division Director of Operations at no later than 9pm, Saturday, March 28.  You will receive directions to the layout.

James & Sally Bando's Grand Western Mining Company, FN3 Garden and (HO)

The garden railway depicts the western USA and includes a mine, a western town , a ranch, a circus, southwestern mission town and Native American village.  We run electric track power with Revolution.  There is an indoor and outdoor G-scale layout as well as an HO layout inside that depicts a western town. These layouts depict the early 1900’s with logging engines like the Climax, Shays and Moguls.  There are two live steam engines that are powered by butane and distilled water that will be running. 

Garden Railroad

  • Scale                     Garden Fn3
  • Size                       46' x 25'
  • Prototype              Freelance western mining
  • Locale                   Western mining areas
  • Era                        Circa 1900
  • Style                     Old western town with mine
  • Len.Mainline         104' oval and 230' folded dogbone
  • Layout Height       32" for easy viewing
  • Benchwork            Wood frame deck
  • Roadbed               Wood and ballast
  • Trackwork             Code 332 stainless steel and brass
  • Turnouts                Various
  • Wheelchair            Yes.  Basement access via short lawn area

HO Railroad

  • Scale                     HO
  • Size                       4' x 7' highly detailed
  • Prototype              Freelance western mining
  • Locale                   Western mining areas
  • Era                        N/A
  • Style                    Old Western town with mine
  • Len.Mainline         15'
  • Layout Height       40"
  • Benchwork            "L" girder
  • Roadbed               Vinyl roadbed on plywood sub roadbed
  • Trackwork             Code 83 Flextrack
  • Turnouts                #5 mainline
  • Min. Radius           18"
  • Wheelchair            Yes.  Basement access

Russ Bundy's Cedar Creek

The RR is designed as a garden with trains running through.  There are over 700 live plants with a waterfall/stream.  There is an outside loop with an inside mainline that is a figure 8 style with a half loop.  Keeping with the garden theme, we wanted a resort atmosphere.  Because of this, buildings are limited.  There is a Bed and Breakfast, equestrian stables, and fishing in the creek.  The main attraction of the layout is the trestle system required by the 17” elevation changes.  

  • Scale                     Garden
  • Size                       25' x 50'
  • Prototype              None
  • Locale                   Front yard
  • Era                        Circa 1900
  • Style                     Garden railroad
  • Len.Mainline         125' outer loop, 225' inner loop/figure 8
  • Layout Height       Ground level
  • Roadbed               Pavers and trestles
  • Trackwork             Aristocraft and LGB
  • Turnouts                None
  • Min. Radius           15'
  • Max. Grade           3.5%
  • Scenery                 More than 700 live plants.  Waterfall/creek.  Walking paths.
  • Backdrop               Natural
  • Controls                 Aristo Revolution
  • Wheelchair            Yes

Chris Haon's LP & CL Railroad

A simple garden railroad that we started about 8 years ago.  We have a mix of steam and diesel, passenger and freight trains.  We enjoy running trains with our son and spending time in the garden.  Each year we add little something.

  • Scale                     Garden
  • Size                       25' x 100'
  • Prototype              None
  • Locale                   Southeast United States
  • Era                        Circa 1900
  • Style                     Garden railroad
  • Len.Mainline         2 x 250' mainlines
  • Layout Height       On the ground
  • Roadbed               Crushed gravel
  • Trackwork             Aristo-Craft & AML brass track
  • Turnouts                16 Aristocraft wide-radius turnouts
  • Min. Radius           10'
  • Max. Grade           3.5%
  • Scenery                 Natural vegetation, black eyed susans, thyme, rosemary, whatever catches our eye at the nursery
  • Backdrop               Our front yard
  • Controls                 Aristo-Craft Revolution w/ track and battery power
  • Wheelchair            Yes, in driveway area.