Layout Open House

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Mark Reed's Little River Railroad and Lumber Company (LRR&LC)

The LRR&LC is inspired by the raffle layout of the same name won at the 2004 Piedmont Division's Train Show; the raffled section has been incorporated as the peninsula on the middle level of this multi-level design railroad.

The Little River Railroad and Lumber Co. (LRR&LC) is a proto-freelanced layout, depicting a 26-mile stretch of branchline and logging operations located in eastern Tennessee (what is known today as the Great Smoky Mountains). The railroad is served by the Southern Railway, Knoxville and Augusta Division. Though the actual railroad existed between 1901 and 1939, current operations have extended the railroad into the early 1940s.  The sectional layout has three levels with a helix connecting the lower and middle levels and a series of switchbacks joining the middle and upper levels. Three towns will be modeled in detail. On the lower level, the main industry in the town of Walland is the Schlosser Tannery and the sawmill complex dominates Townsend. Specifically, the Townsend Sawmill Complex will feature a fully detailed sawmill, power plant, planing shed, transfer shed with a tramway leading to the drying yard, sawdust burner, coaling station, water tower, and machine shop. Logging operations and the town of Elkmont will be modeled on the upper level. Finally, there will be seven bridges traversing the Little River that runs throughout the landscape on all three levels.

If you are interested in visiting Mark's layout, contact the Piedmont Division Director of Operations at no later than 9pm, Friday, January 17.  You will receive directions to the layout.

  • Scale                    H0
  • Size                      13' x 7.5'
  • Prototype              Little River Railroad (served by Southern Railway, Knoxville & Augusta Division)
  • Locale                   Eastern Tennessee (Walland to Townsend to Elkmont)
  • Era                        Late 1930s to early 1940s; Transition steam to first-generation diesel
  • Style                     Two level Dog Bone 
  • Len.Mainline         215 feet, including 67 feet in helix
  • Layout Height       32” lower level, 48” middle level, and 63” upper level
  • Benchwork           All sectional,3/4” or 1-1/2” styrofoam on 3/8” plywood on top of 3-1/2” box frames
  • Roadbed               1/4” and 1/8” cork
  • Trackwork             Microengineering code 83 (mainline) and Atlas flextrack code 100 (helix)
  • Turnouts                #6 on mainline, #4 on yards
  • Min. Radius           18"
  • Max. Grade           2% in helix, 10% on switchbacks, otherwise flat
  • Scenery                15%
  • Backdrop              Hand-painted drywall and hardboard, coved corners
  • Controls                Digitrax Radio DCC with LocoNet WiFi Interface
  • Wheelchair           No