Education Program

The Achievement Program (AP) is the NMRA's educational program to help you learn the crafts and skills necessary in the hobby of model railroading. The AP challenges you with a set of requirements for demonstrating a superior level of skill in various aspects of our hobby. With the completion of each category, you are issued a certificate acknowledging your achievement.

If you have questions about the Achievement Program or want to start on your first certificate, contact our Piedmont Division AP Manager.

Information about the Achievement Program, including requirements for each certificate, is available from the NMRA web site. Don't forget your fellow division members who have completed, or are working towards, a certificate. They are great resources. See below for a list of Piedmont Division Members who have earned Achievement Program certificates or a Golden Spike Award.

If you have earned an AP certificate or Golden Spike Award and it not listed, contact Randall Watson.

The NMRA Achievement Program can help build your modeling experience.
Here are our local Master Model Railroaders! (MMR)
Peter Youngblood, MMR, Charlie Crawford, MMR, Bill Zawacki, MMR, Charles Millar, MMR, Dr. Joe Nichols, Sr. MMR,  Ron Gough, MMR, Joe Nichols, Jr. MMR and Joe Gelmini, MMR. 
Piedmont Division MMRs (2013)
(Photo by James Bando)
Not shown Charlie Brown, MMR.

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provides tracking information for the Piedmont Division Achievement Program certificate holders. View the attached file to see the current list.


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